A tool to convert LaTeX documents to XML


LXir is a new software tool that is being written by EDP Sciences under the GPL.

LXir is targetted to editors that have to deal with a lot of LaTeX document and want to get access to the content of those documents in XML.


This software is released under the Gnu Public License version 3.0 license. The configuration files, XSL stylesheets, and TeX classes are released under the LaTeX Project Public License.


We provide several documentations to LXir:


GIT repository

We provide an access to the latest developer version of the source code through a GIT repository hosted by github.

You can get the latest version of the source code from the GIT repository using the following command:

$ git clone https://github.com/EDP-Sciences/lxir.git

Contact and Discussions

The mailing-list are not working for the moment, we are setting them up and will update this page when they become available. To contact the lxir developers, you can send an email at lxir@edpsciences.org.

You can get notified about new releases by joining the lxir-announce mailing list.

You can contact the development team and discuss about the project by joining the lxir-devel mailing list.